Fair Use and Online Video

I find this sort of article interesting to read but ultimately more puzzling than directly useful. The difficulty is that so many such articles, presentations, documents etc. apparently confuse US law with some sort of world law, and attempt to apply it to a global concept such as the internet. While it may seem easy …

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Growing a Language, by Guy Steele

I have just sat through an hour-long video of a conference presentation on language design from 1998. Normally I find such things fairly tedious, but this was enthralling! Even though some of the particular issues he covers have been resolved since, the overall point is surprisingly relevant, and he presents it with a unique style. …

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Aspect Ratio Calculator

When producing video for web or mobile you often need to resize the result to an appropriate size for the destination. This can sometimes be a bit irritating, and getting it wrong can result in a stretched, squished, blurry, or even jumpy video. So a handy little Aspect Ratio Calculator seems like a good idea.

Mobile TV gathers momentum

Sometimes it seems as if the practical difficulties of implementing mobile video outweigh its value, but it begins to look as if some operators and media providers have got it together enough to offer a somewhat compelling service. At least they seem to have gathered a creditable number of subscribers. Mobile TV gathers momentum – …

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