Clearing my backlog, a mix of links

My browser is full of tabs, each representing something I intend to blog about. I need to clear some space, so here’s a few interesting links without comments. Reaching Hyper-Productivity with Outsourced Development Teams Pressure and Performance – The CTO’s Dilemma Agile Usability Web 2.0 Storytelling: Emergence of a New Genre

Information Pollution on the Underground Map

The London underground map has long been held as a classic of information design, eschewing unnecessary details of distance and geography in favour of a symbolic connection between stations. Max Roberts delves in to the way that the modern incarnation of this classic is becoming progressively overwhelmed by “information pollution”, arguably reducing its effectiveness. Information …

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Meeting the Usability Challenge

A stunning presentation, even when viewed on-line. A deep, enjoyable, yet very practical coverage of key issues in usability which shines a light on a whole selection of problems and offers a way of looking at usability which can help solve them. It’s nearly an hour long, but if you do any work at all …

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Usability and User-centred design

I find that one of the saddest things about taking an Open University course is that all the work and thought that people put into discussions in the course forums are just thrown away at the end of the course. This seems particularly poor from a learning perspective, as some of the best sources of …

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