Cheap Certified Scrum Master Training

In tough economic times with a lot of people out of work and employers cutting back on training budgets few can afford the kind of big-budget, fancy hotel courses which were the staple of corporate training even just a short while ago. So Tobias Mayer has started a no-frills way to get “certified scrum master” …

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How should we do training in an agile process?

A lot of writings about agile processes seem to assume that everyone comes with all the skills they need, but in the real world people sometimes need to gain new skills which cannot easily be learned “on the job”. Planning ahead enough to ensure team skills are available when needed, and dealing with the impact …

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Agile Acceptance Testing

This looks interesting. The role of testing (at least, testing beyond unit-level regression testing and TDD) is the subject of much discussion in software development at the moment. Maybe I should actually attend this talk at Skills Matter in London on 18 September. In The Brain of Gojko Adzic: Agile Acceptance Testing

Phish Your Colleagues With PhishMe

The world is becoming a progressively stranger place. Now a company can buy a service to direct “phishing” attacks at its own employees. Such attacks send plausible appearing emails with instructions to click on a link and enter private details (or otherwise follow some dangerous series of steps). Usually “phishing” is used by people wishing …

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Agile Classroom Management (Agile Advice)

I love the idea of running training in an agile manner. Back when I was teaching I did something a bit like this. It seemed to work a lot better with evening students who had chosen to attend the course for their own benefit rather than the day students who just wanted a government handout …

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KnowledgeAdvisors and Bassi Investments’ Human Capital Measurement Portfolio Outperforms S&P 500 by 15 Percent

Intuitively it makes sense (to me at least) that investing in staff skills, knowledge, training and qualifications is not only a good investment socially, but also financially. After all, each person will be responsible for a huge number of tasks and decisions during even a short stay with an employer; if investing in improving that …

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