reliable web app deployment using git and Resin

I have always liked the Resin application container. I often use it to develop servlet and J2EE applications, even ones which are eventually deployed on another server. Resin is fast, clean, and easy to manage. Its cool ability to run PHP as well as java is a bonus. Now it’s even cleverer, and it includes …

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What’s up with Grizzly code and examples?

I was excited to read that the Grizzly Java server framework has had an update as I am currently trying to evaluate embeddable HTTP servers for several projects. I downloaded the grizzly http server jar and clicked through to the associated “Getting Started!” page of example code. It seemed so simple: knock together a fresh …

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MINA: Building a scalable server in 20 lines

This looks very interesting, even though I have a few questions to answer when I evaluate it properly. @me&java » Building scalable server in 20 lines I’m particularly interested how MINA stacks up against Grizzly, as they both seem to be addressing the same problem – a high-performance Java server using newer IO facilities. Currently …

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A Brief Overview of Java EE 6

A report of a presentation at a user group about Java Enterprise Edition (JEE) version 6, written in slightly unusual language – I can’t quite imagine that the main reason to try Spring is “to get high”. I tend to agree with the author that a JEE “profile” with servlets, messaging (JMS) and transaction management …

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Antagonistic Pleiotropy

My current work is centred around Java, and all our applications are deployed in java containers. It might one day be useful to deploy JRuby applications, and in particular rails apps, to these same containers. Here’s a list of things to beware of in such situations. Antagonistic Pleiotropy

Servlet 3.0 Features Spark Debate

InfoQ have jotted a few notes about the release of a draft specification for version 3.0 of the servlet API. From what I see in this article, I’m not sure I agree with much of the approach. In particular the idea of using annotations in the source code to define URL-mappings seems completely contrary to …

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