Agile Risk Management

There are lots of approaches to estimation for agile projects, but not all of them include estimation of risk. Some approaches deliberately ignore risk, preferring to work from hindsight and averages. For the others, a consideration of levels of risk for each estimated story or task seems a good idea. InfoQ: Agile Risk Management.

Iterating To Acquire Knowledge, Not Just ‘Business Value’

Planning what order to do stuff in is a vital, yet very difficult, part of software development. Agile wisdom usually stresses the need to do things in order of “business value”, but this can sometimes be extremely tricky to evaluate. Another approach is to do things in an order intended to decrease risk, such as …

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Software simplicity and risk management

An interesting short article challenging the artificial division between “tactical” and “strategic” solutions, arguing that a continuum from simple solutions with less risk to more complex ones with more risk is also a valuable way of thinking through such decisions. You’d think with all my video game experience that I’d be more prepared for this: …

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