Agile: When is a story done?

Anyone who has worked with me in the past will probably recognize my standard response to vague or unclear requirements – “how will I know when I’m done?”. I use it so much becuase the simple trick of changing viewpoint to view work in terms of acceptance criteria is key to enabling sensible discussion, estimation, …

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A structured way to work with user stories

For someone steeped in the traditional idea of requirements and features, working with agile user stories is often hard to handle. I have invested a lot of time over recent months attempting to build a good understanding of what a user story is, and how it differs from a feature, a change or a requirement. …

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“Correct” Requirements

I have been working in an “agile” manner for years but I’m still surprised by how much education is needed, and this is especially apparent in the area of requirements. Matthew from Creative Chaos has a rant on this subject: Creative Chaos: “Correct” Requirements To his list I would add “requirements never conflict”. This is …

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Business Requirements are Bullshit

A somewhat extreme rant from Steve Yegge about the inherent uselessness of “gathering business requirements” as a part of a product development process. There are some pretty obvious flaws (and many are pointed out by commenters) but it’s still an enjoying and generally on-target diatribe. Stevey’s Blog Rants: Business Requirements are Bullshit