Time to opt out of facebook sharing your details

Looks like facebook is moving to a model where by default it shares your information with thrird party sites and applications unless you explicitly say “no” Privacy issues? Google engineers leaving Facebook in droves. From the comments on that page: Go to Account > Privacy Settings > Applications and Websites and uncheck “Allow”

Password management finally possible

Like many others I have signed up for a lot of on-line services over the years. Keeping track of all those user ids and passwords is a big pain, especially if I find myself scratching my head to remember a user id for some service when I am at a different desk or a different …

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Information distribution and ownership

I’m currently mulling around a bunch of thoughts and half-formed opinions on the distribution, ownership and attribution of ideas and information in an age of free-flowing digital media. One of my current concerns is the tension between perceived needs one the one hand for attribution, academic traceability and ownership of ones own words; and on …

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