A quick Blueprint how-to – your first widget (Yahoo! Developer Network blog)

Developing a consistent and appropriate look and feel on mobile devices is a tough job. It looks like Yahoo Blueprint is another attempt at cracking this particular nut. Yahoo’s approach seems to be to write their own kind of browser as a J2ME application, and feed it with device-independent XML. A quick Blueprint how-to – …

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The ultimate thin client

I like this. halfway between the complex and largely unsolvable world of natural language processing, and the currently trendy area of domain-specific languages (DSL) lies the more constrained and useful area of domain-specific-language processing. Why not use a structured subset/dialect of a natural language as a control interface – it’s a natural fit for mobile …

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Aspect Ratio Calculator

When producing video for web or mobile you often need to resize the result to an appropriate size for the destination. This can sometimes be a bit irritating, and getting it wrong can result in a stretched, squished, blurry, or even jumpy video. So a handy little Aspect Ratio Calculator seems like a good idea.

RETROBRICK – the home of vintage and rare mobile phones

It’s a while since I saw one of those huge “brick” mobile phones in the wild, and it seems that they are now sufficiently rare to command collectors prices. Shame. It would be pretty cool to take the guts out of a really ancient phone and replace it with a more modern interior just to …

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Mobile TV gathers momentum

Sometimes it seems as if the practical difficulties of implementing mobile video outweigh its value, but it begins to look as if some operators and media providers have got it together enough to offer a somewhat compelling service. At least they seem to have gathered a creditable number of subscribers. Mobile TV gathers momentum – …

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WiFi in London

A dynamic map of free WiFi access points in London Free Wifi in London…Mapped While travelling on public transport, I quite like the idea of searching for restaurants, attractions etc. near the destination rather than near the current location, but that makes for some interesting challenges, too. More cities offer Wi-Fi on buses