Testing web services with ActiveResource

When I first saw this it looked great: a ruby REST wrapper which supports a lot of useful test and integration possibilities. However, the deeper I looked, the more disappointed I became. I’m now saddened to believe that this is based on yet another misunderstanding of what REST is. As far as I can tell, …

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Network Simulation and Emulation: Try It Before You Deploy It

A potentially interesting, although buzzword-laden, article about the benefits of setting up and using simulations to determine how complex integrated applications will behave. Needs some links to more detailed discussions, though. Technology News: IT Management: Network Simulation and Emulation: Try It Before You Deploy It

Loose Coupling in SOA Defined

One of the key tenets of the Service-Oriented Architecture (SOA) approach to software system design is the idea of loose coupling. In some cases it is pragmatically obvious whether one service is loosely or tightly coupled to another, but in the general case it can be tricky to determine. With that in mind InfoQ have …

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WOA: Web-Oriented SOA

It seems as if the term SOA (Service-Oriented Architecture) has become confused with the implementation technology (often WS-* web services). Some pundits are now trying to create a new term “WOA” (Web-Oriented Architecture) to describe a service-oriented approach using native web technologies such as HTTP, URLs and REST. ZapThink have taken a look at these …

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