Balsamiq Mockups

This looks like a neat tool for generating application user interface mockups (a.k.a UI prototypes), something we don’t really do much of here, but maybe we should. SitePen Blog » The Interactive Prototyping Dilemma – A Review of Software Options, Part II: Balsamiq Mockups

Details of my MSc proposal

In a few months I will begin “proper” work on the dissertation for a MSc with the Open University. Before starting I needed to choose a topic, so I chose Improved user interfaces for private family wikis. In order to claim this topic, I need to submit a proposal by filling in a form on …

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Ten easy ways to attract women to your free software project

This is a good article in many ways. Not just because it might help attract more women to work on open source software projects, but because it might help more people to work on open source projects. The general approach of supporting diversity in projects, especially where it is a very cheap option (such as …

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Information Pollution on the Underground Map

The London underground map has long been held as a classic of information design, eschewing unnecessary details of distance and geography in favour of a symbolic connection between stations. Max Roberts delves in to the way that the modern incarnation of this classic is becoming progressively overwhelmed by “information pollution”, arguably reducing its effectiveness. Information …

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A podcast about caring for homebound elderly

Having taken the decision to apply for an MSC project aimed at helping families stay in touch using Wiki technology, with a particular emphasis on usage by older or isolated users, a podcast from Social Innovation Conversations about Health Care for the Homebound caught my eye. I have not listened to it yet, so I …

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Recommended reading for a Wiki dissertation

After some deliberation, I have finally decided to apply for an MSc dissertation entitled “Improved user interfaces for private family wikis“. This is a pre-written proposal provided by the M801 course team at the Open University and naturally suggests some recommended reading. Despite the proposal being presented to distance students on-line it makes no significant …

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Choosing a masters topic: Initial thoughts

At the beginning of 2009 I will be starting my MSc research project and dissertation. By then I need to have decided on, applied for, and been accepted for a project topic. Even now the choice is becoming quite tricky. I am studying with The Open University, and the research project and dissertation is module …

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Textile and Markdown

Textile and Markdown are two formats for expressing text formatting in a “simple” way. In my mind they exist in a cluster along-side wiki markups, but the interesting thing is that they seem not to overlap in usage. Wikis use one family of markup, CMS systems use a different group.