London Java Web User Group: Web apps and REST

This looks interesting. Next Monday (20th October 2008) the London JAVAWUG will be holding a “Birds-of-a-Feather” session on the topic of Web applications and REST web services. Both are subjects near to my heart, so I might try and arrange a trip to “the smoke” that evening. Anyone else likely to be attending? JAVAWUG :: …

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Mayor sees London as ‘wi-fi city’

I saw this out of the blue. It’s interesting, especially in the context of other municipal wireless initiatives, many of which have been cancelled because of naive finance models. I wonder how Boris plans to fund this grand initiative, especially after all the fuss about the 2012 olympics has died down? BBC News: Mayor sees …

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WiFi in London

A dynamic map of free WiFi access points in London Free Wifi in London…Mapped While travelling on public transport, I quite like the idea of searching for restaurants, attractions etc. near the destination rather than near the current location, but that makes for some interesting challenges, too. More cities offer Wi-Fi on buses