Ruby, Sinatra, Dreamhost, Haml, git – a smooth web app workflow … eventually

I have spent many years developing web applications in Java for corporate clients. During that time I have used a wide range of frameworks, APIs and other useful stuff. I have written my own versions (sometimes several) of many of these components, learned the tools well, and become very productive and effective. However, it has …

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Andy Singleton on Managing Distributed Agile Projects

I have just listened to an excellent podcast interview with Andy Singleton from Assembla in which the discussion ranges around his extreme views on how to run highly productive distributed software teams. Top tips include “don’t interview when hiring”, “don’t estimate work”, “don’t do conference calls”, etc… Contentious, but very well explained and justified. This …

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Clearing my backlog, a mix of links

My browser is full of tabs, each representing something I intend to blog about. I need to clear some space, so here’s a few interesting links without comments. Reaching Hyper-Productivity with Outsourced Development Teams Pressure and Performance – The CTO’s Dilemma Agile Usability Web 2.0 Storytelling: Emergence of a New Genre

A tour of git: the basics

There has been an apparent upsurge in interest in distributed version control recently. I like the idea, although I am a little concerned with the relatively poor state of IDE integration for these tools compared with the more mainstream source repository systems such as subversion and CVS. A tour of git: the basics