Does working with Legacy code need a change in attitude?

Sometimes I can’t resist the urge to grumble to colleagues when confronted with systems developed in a way I would not have chosen. Maybe I just need A change in attitude. On the other hand, often the frustration comes from knowing that there is a better way, and I’m not sure that learning to love …

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Retrospectives for the code base

We have some pretty lively iteration retrospectives as part of our process, but so far they have almost exclusively focussed on the issues affecting the process. Sarah Taraporewalla wonders if such discussions should also cover thoughts about the code base and the changes made to it. Sarah Taraporewalla’s Technical Ramblings » Retrospectives for the code …

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WordPress syntax highlight plugin problems

Up until recently, I was using a WordPress plugin called “WP-codebox” to format my code samples in this blog, but today it broke my RSS feed, so I have abandoned it. I liked the “geshi” syntax highlighting engine used inside it, but unfortunately it generated flaky HTML, and was not smart enough to disable JavaScript …

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Faux OOP

This is a neat little observation. Some apparently object-oriented code is actually procedural code in disguise. And some of that, is actually sequential code disguised as procedural. Jupiter Moonbeam & the Geeks from Cyberspace: Faux OOP