A convergent visionary

If you have been following this blog and you are interested in the area of convergent technology, then you may want to take a look at the site I have put together to gather my scattered writings and thoughts on this interesting and rich field. Frank Carver – a Convergent Visionary To start the new …

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Typealyzer – Myers Briggs classification from your blog

Typealyzer claims to be able to determine the Myers-Briggs personality type by looking at the text of a blog. So I gave it my two main blogs: This one: Typealyzer thinks I write like INTJ (“the Scientist”). Make Your Own Video: Typealyzer thinks I write like ESFP (“the Performer”). Given that these two assessments are …

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Information distribution and ownership

I’m currently mulling around a bunch of thoughts and half-formed opinions on the distribution, ownership and attribution of ideas and information in an age of free-flowing digital media. One of my current concerns is the tension between perceived needs one the one hand for attribution, academic traceability and ownership of ones own words; and on …

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Notes from a Tool User

I have recently discovered a new blog to follow: “notes from a tool user”. The author, Mark Levison has plenty of opinions on agile software development. Standout recent articles include: Agile/Scrum Smells Test Driven Development vs “Plain Old Unit Testing” Estimation Tools, Tools, Tools Mythbusting – Collective Code Ownership