This blog may be a bit quiet, I’m busy elsewhere

Sure, quiet is relative. Over the years I have gone through enthusiastic patches and months with nothing but the occasional scrap of a link. At the moment, though, the quietness here has a reason: I’m too busy having fun messing with software and hardware on my Raspberry Pi.

If you don’t know already, Raspberry Pi is a credit-card sized computer with an ARM core, 256MB of RAM (recent ones have 512MB), HDMI 1080p video, USB, SD Card and ethernet on board. It also has a bunch of general purpose I/O pins and only takes a couple of watts of power so it can even run from a USB lead . There’s a build of Debian Linux which runs on it so you can do stuff in Ruby, Python or whatever, and a growing collection of interesting hardware to plug in to it. People are using it for tiny network devices (media players running XBMC, for example), teaching children to program, and a whole host of embedded and robotics projects.

If you think that still sounds meh, then consider the price. You can buy a 512MB model right now for less than £40!.

I’m having great fun trying things out with mine, and blogging about it at