Want Car Wars On Kickstarter?

Car Wars small box cover As some of you may know, I have a soft spot for games – tabletop games rather than computer games, mostly. One of my all time favourites is Car Wars from Steve Jackson Games. Originally from the 1980 it hit the sweet spot of being both a fun battle game with your friends and a geeky challenge trying to come up with the best vehicle designs between games. It’s not a card game, but it beat the “deck building” collectible card game trend by over a decade.

It’s hard to get a good game of Car Wars these days. The most recent version, from 2002, had a lot of problems and was never fully supported, which turned off a lot of players. Happily, there may be light at the end of the tunnel for Car Wars fams.

Following the astonishing success of Steve Jackson’s crowd-funding of the “big box” revival of his classic game OGRE, Steve is considering working on a new version of Car Wars. If you join the OGRE kickstarter program to the tune of $23 (USA) or $30 (rest of the world) you can help us send a clear message that we want a Car Wars revival and a decent new version. Plus, you get an exclusive T-shirt that says so.

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Daily Illuminator: Want Car Wars On Kickstarter?.

But hurry, there’s only a few days left!

Full disclosure. I am part of an unpaid team of keen game playing volunteers (“The Men in Black”) who go to conventions, clubs and stores to play and teach Steve Jackson games, but I also play a lot of other stuff too.