TEDcember DAY 02 – Dance vs. powerpoint, a modest proposal

So, pretty much at random I chose another TED talk video to watch. This time it was John Bohannon: Dance vs. powerpoint, a modest proposal.

I found the talk interesting, thought-provoking, and decidedly tongue-in-cheek (the reference to Swift in the title gives that away). Although the apparent premise (use dancers instead of powerpoint) has many flaws, the underlying theme is fascinating. Hard science and dance are traditionally seen as so far apart as to be completely incompatible, yet here is a presentation which successfully conveys some quite complex physics with no diagrams or equations, just a few well chosen words and some moving bodies.

I am left with echoes of a discussion earlier today on the subject of whether software development can be art. The same sense of unexpected juxtaposition evokes interesting and thoughful perspectives which may lead to innovation. For me, that is the true value of this talk.