Stringtree and Mojasef now on GitHub

It’s been a long time coming, but I have finally decided that the master source code of the Stringtree and Mojasef Java libraries will now be hosted at GitHub rather than Sourceforge. I have been using git to manage the rest of my software for a long time now, but my two main projects have kept their place in subversion at Sourceforge. From now on, if you want the latest source code for either of these projects, please get it from github.

This move has several major advantages. The first is that you can now use GitHub’s “social coding” features to fork and modify the Stringtree and Mojasef code (and I’m always happy to discuss changes and improvements). The second advantage, and the one which tipped me over, is the ability to use git’s clever “submodule” support to include up-to-date Stringtree and Mojasef source code in other projects.

In the short term I will also be keeping the svn repositories up to date with significant changes. For now they are also the best place to find example code which uses Stringtree and/or Mojasef, but I plan to move all the examples over to GitHub in time.

Please let me know if you have any issues or questions about this move.