James Carr Feels GREAT to Pair Again

I guess its is a common problem for software developers with a day job as well as out-of-hours projects, but it can be hard to get around to spending time on the out-of-hours stuff.

I read with interest that James Carr sought out someone to pair with and found it a useful and enjoyable experience. ( James Carr » Blog Archive » Feels GREAT to Pair Again. ) It occurred to me that perhaps this is what I need, and by implication, perhaps this is what you might benefit from, too.

So I have an open offer. If you like the idea of spending some evening or weekend time pairing with me, please get in touch. Obviously I’d like to make some progress on some of my own projects, but I’m also very happy to spend time on your projects, too.

There’s a fighting chance that the commitment of an appointment with someone else might get both of us motivated and productive, and that we both might learn some good stuff along the way.

What can we work out together?