Using DropBox and Ubuntu One for backup

Ever since I read Joel Spolsky’s password management article from 2008, I have enjoyed using Dropbox to synchronize files between my various computers. Recently I found a page of tips aimed at using the service as an automatic backup of important files, rather than just for transfer between machines. You get 2GB of free “cloud” space when you sign up with the service, which is enough for quite a lot of stuff.

Using DropBox to backup instead of sync

The recent launch of Ubuntu One has added another cloud data service with a generous free storage limit. Although the client software only runs on Linux at the moment I’m fully expecting Windows and MaxOSX clients to appear soon. The same tricks described in the Dropbox article could just as likely be used with Ubuntu One.


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  2. Frank, check out SpiderOak. Better pricing and better privacy features than Dropbox. Support for Linux, Mac, and Windows. And it has an iPhone client, too.

  3. Thanks for the comment. I hadn’t heard of SpiderOak but I’ll certainly check them out.

    Makes me want to write some sort of uber-Client and do some sort of RAID-style redundancy across several of these services …

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