Time to opt out of facebook sharing your details

Looks like facebook is moving to a model where by default it shares your information with thrird party sites and applications unless you explicitly say “no”

Privacy issues? Google engineers leaving Facebook in droves.

From the comments on that page:

Go to Account > Privacy Settings > Applications and Websites and uncheck “Allow”


  1. Thank you!
    HOWEVER, you must also go to “Instant Personalization/Edit Settings” to uncheck ALLOW.
    The scary part is that it says…

    “Please keep in mind that if you opt out, your friends may still share public Facebook information about you to personalize their experience on these partner sites unless you block the application.”

    good luck to us all when big brother finds a reason to take over Facebook for some Goldman-like activity one day.


  2. Easy Answer is to screw the pattern. Never post correct information and adopt a whole bunch of pages you’ve no interest at all in.

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