Assembla now offers free private svn and git repos

Just when I thought private project hosting choices had settled down in favour of Unfuddle, along comes a potentially game-changing announcement from Assembla.

My big problem with Assembla has been that they equated one project (“space”) with one source repository, and charged extra for extra spaces. Each extra space gives extra issue tracking, documentation storage and so on. This might make sense in a traditional centralised subversion model, but it’s completely alien to git, where a project is commonly represented by a network of repositories.

As of 14 April, Assembla now offers unlimited repositories with each space, allowing a single project to share issue tracking, documentation, activity notifications etc. across multiple repositories. If you don’t need the rest of the features, they also now offer basic private source repositories for free, presumably with the idea of up-selling the other services.

Assembla seem to have slightly better tools than Unfuddle, but its hard to tell as they still don’t offer a real, private, non-expiring, “try before you buy” like Unfuddle does. With Assembla you get a month’s usage before you have to start paying, and their cheapest plan is $24 per month, considerably more than Unfuddle’s “micro” plan of $9 per month.

Both services are free for open-source projects, but then so are plenty of others (sourceforge, github, and so on.)

For the moment, I am still happy with Unfuddle, but I’m keeping an eye on Assembla.


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