Sinatra on Java

I originally chose to work in Ruby for its ease of deployment to low-cost shared hosting services, but as time has progressed I have become more comfortable with the language and a selection of tools and libraries. One that I like a lot is the Sinatra web framework. Interestingly it now appears that if I wanted, I could run Sinatra applications in a Java web container such as Tomcat, Resin, or Jetty using Warbler, which bundles JRuby and an application into a standard war file for drop-in deployment.

This is an interesting challenge to my own pure-Java Mojasef framework, which offers several similarities with the approach taken by Sinatra. Sinatra wins on documentation, though 🙂

A good guide to getting started with Sinatra and Warbler can be found at Sinatra on Java | Coreguardian.