Monk – Quickstart Sinatra Projects

I’m currently on my fourth or fifth project using the Sinatra web framework. Each project has taught me more about Sinatra, and Ruby, and all the other little things that go into making a web application using these tools. One thing which has been puzzling me, though, is how best to structure the directories and files which comprise each project.

I have been developing Java web applications for so long that I have a familiar and generally useful project structure which I can quickly build from memory. With these new tools I’m not so confident that I would not be storing up problems if I attempt to create my own structure.

So I was intrigued to encounter Monk recently. A system for generating project starting points for projects using a lot of the tools I have come to enjoy. It’s presumably aimed at the simplicity of starting a Rails project, but for a different set of tools.

On my Ubuntu system it was a bit tricky to get going. The documentation just recommends “sudo gem install monk” but this required some extra installations and some general fiddling around. Once installed it happily generated a project structure, which (after a few more installs) would run its tests using rake and start up a server serving “Hello, World” if asked.

I’ll give it a try on my next project, and see if it helps. I might even use the recommended No-SQL storage engine Redis instead of Sqlite or PStore which I have used in the past.

Read some more at » Monk – Quickstart Sinatra Projects Gittr.