Stringtree/Mojasef for Java 1.4 are now proper branches

A few months ago I made the decision to move the Stringtree and Mojasef code-bases on from their requirement to support older Java versions. I tagged a particular version of the code as “1.4 final” and proceeded to work through the trunk code in the repository to bring it in line with key Java 5 features such as generics, varargs and the enhanced for loop.

Since then I have progressively realized that I may have been a bit optimistic. A few odd bugs have been found in the 1.4 code, and a few key improvements have been made to the Java 5 code which by rights should also be implemented for 1.4. So I have decided to try and fix the situation.

As of today, the tag “1.4-final” in both Stringtree and Mojasef should be considered as deprecated, and any code which used to use that tagged version should instead use the branches (“Stringtree for Java 1.4” and “Mojasef for Java 1.4”) I have just created. Initially, the code is identical, but the plan is to go through and apply known bug fixes and fully-backward-compatible internal improvements to the branched versions.