A convergent visionary

If you have been following this blog and you are interested in the area of convergent technology, then you may want to take a look at the site I have put together to gather my scattered writings and thoughts on this interesting and rich field.

Frank Carver – a Convergent Visionary

To start the new site I have copied over a selection of the more convergence-related posts from this blog. In the future I plan to focus on software development and personal items here, and on business and convergent technology on the new site. If possible I will arrange some sort of cross-posting or notification for people who prefer to read everything in one place.

As a new site it’s not very visible in searches yet, so as a personal request, I would really value any links from other blogs or web sites. If you have ever enjoyed or found useful anything on this site or any of my others, please consider joining the discussion or linking to my new site.

Many thanks,