How Difficult Is Securing Cloud Platforms?

In my dark moments I worry about the security of cloud computing. I used to be pretty upbeat about security, until some servers I was using to run a small specialist java hosting business were hacked. This resulted in the collapse of that business and the loss of several customer sites. Since then I have been painfully aware of the need to keep any public system scrupulously up-to-date with security patches and suchlike.

My security worries give me concerns about launching a business based on Amazon’s EC2, as I cannot see at the moment how the fiddly details of keeping the virtual system images patched an up to date will happen. Please feel free to reassure me!

When I read the title of this article from the Java Developer’s Journal, this was my immediate thought. The article does not address this particular issue, but instead covers some of the problems of protecting data in transit between distributed systems.