Just Breathe: Building the case for Email Apnea

Do you hold your breath while reading email? While typing? While thinking about this blog post?

Linda Stone wrote a blog post about a year ago on this topic, claiming all sorts of health problems might be averted if we just remembered to breathe properly. Do you think this is a real problem?

Linda Stone: Just Breathe: Building the case for Email Apnea.

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  1. Since writing the post, I’ve discussed this with a number of medical researchers. Dr. Erik Peper, a Professor and Researcher at SFSU, researched students texting on cell phones, measuring on six physiological parameters (including pulse, galvanic skin response, etc.). 83% of the students showed signs of holding their breath or shallow breathing. Since there are longer term health implications with cumulative breath holding, shallow breathing, it’s a good thing to notice if it’s an issue for you and to pay some attention to it. cheers.

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