PhoneME, a JavaVM for wifi routers

For some time I have beem mulling over the posibilities of deploying applications to low-cost wireless routers to provide hyper-local services to wi-fi surfers. One thing which has always put me off is the apparent need to dig deep into low-level Linux hacking. It’s a *long* time since I last did any significant C development.

However, it seems that there are ways to support a small footprint Java virtual machine on some of this class of devices. This in turn opens up opportunities for deploying some of my own small-footprint java software here.

Wolf Paulus’ Web Journal:PhoneME, a JavaVM for the Fonera FON Router.


  1. Another possibility might be to use GCJ to compile to a native binary. Of course, you’d have to use a cross-compiler to build to ARM, but it would avoid the overhead of having a JVM and libraries on a platform with little Flash and RAM.

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