Email picture messages to phones in the USA

A while ago I spent some time banging my head against the needless inconsistencies between US mobile carriers for a project which remained at the prototype stage. If we ever pick up such a project again, the following list of email-to-SMS/MMS addresses could well be useful. How to Send Picture Mail via SMS / MMS …

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Estimated Interest on Technical Debt

We are currently struggling with how to integrate work on refactoring/simplifying/cleaning our product codebase with existing streams of stories and bugs. One of the tricky aspects of this is how to estimate and prioritise the cleanup work: how much is it worth, and how much time should we spend on it this iteration? Martin Fowler …

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Never forget there’s a database

My personal preference is almost always to deal with a database at a fairly direct level. I have built up a bunch of Java code which largely removes the pain of database access, but it is certainly not any kind of ORM (Object-Relational Mapping) tool. I rely on understanding both the structure and efficiency of …

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Balsamiq Mockups

This looks like a neat tool for generating application user interface mockups (a.k.a UI prototypes), something we don’t really do much of here, but maybe we should. SitePen Blog » The Interactive Prototyping Dilemma – A Review of Software Options, Part II: Balsamiq Mockups

SMIL 3.0 Reaches Proposed Recommendation

SMIL is an interesting “sleeper” technology. A way of scripting the interaction and relationship between multimedia objects such as videos. I have seen some interesting Quicktime experiments based on SMIL, but so far it has remained inaccessible to casual web users and relatively difficult to use from familiar programming environments. However, it seems that a …

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