Less-bright applications and web sites save power

I’d not encountered this before, but it does kind of make sense. Showing a bright pixel consumes more energy on most display technologies. so choosing a black background for applications and web sites can help save both your own energy bills, and the planet!

ecoIron – All these whirring boxes.: The Full Story on Black Google, Blackle, etc.

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  1. I’m skeptical about this for a number of reasons. I advocate the same approach to energy conservation as I do to software performance optimisation. Tackle the lowest hanging fruit first. There are things we can do as individuals that are orders of magnitude better. For example, don’t drive a car when you could cycle. Turn the heating down a few degrees. Turn your computer off when not using it. The number of web column inches devoted to blackle is disproportionate to the energy saving potential. The blackle servers are clearly consuming energy, the benefits for LCD screens are negligible. Please stop kidding yourself that this sort of ecoactivism is beneficial and let’s get on with saving the planet.

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