The Power of Done

As we attempt to spread agile, continual, iterative, processes throughout the company, there is a growing confusion as to when things are actually ready for release. The old “waterfall” notion of a complex and detailed advance specification, backed up by months of laborious manual testing is no longer applicable.

In most ways this is a very good thing. A whole lot of unnecessary rigidity and busy-work has been removed. However, one aspect we miss is some sort of final “quality gate” to approve a release. We are in danger of ending up either with a queue of potential releases jostling for testing priority, with none of them ever actually being released before they are overtaken by a new candidate, or with untested and potentially broken builds being released to live deployments.

This is obviously also on other people’s minds, too. InfoQ has recently published an article on “The Power of Done” which summarises some attempts to chart an agile course through this dangerous situation.

InfoQ: The Power of Done