Saving lost developer time with better hardware

It can sometimes seem hard to overcome real or imagined objections to a need for improved hardware. There often seems to be an assumption that developers all just want the shiniest toys and that the job of management and company finance is to save expenditure by curbing that desire.

As developers, maybe we should get more practice making sensible business cases for the times when hardware improvements really make sense.

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  1. Developer costs (inc. overhead) ~= $100,000/year ~= $2000/week ~= $50/hour

    Better hardware costs ~= $4000 (or about $2000 vs cheap hardware)

    Time lost to slow builds, juggling insufficient memory, etc = ~2hrs/week ~= $100/week
    Productivity improvement from things like larger monitors, etc = ~5% ~= $100/week
    Total improvement from better hardware ~= $200/week.

    Time to re-coup investment => 20 weeks (for differential price) or 40 weeks (for full price, if you’ve already got the cheap hardware)

    The rest of the business case is about justifying the various numbers.

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