A kind of answer to “Is it time for Java 5?”

A week or two ago I wrote asking Is it time for Java 5?. I got a few answers, but nothing definitive. Today, however, I stumbled upon a blog post from Alex Miller which helped me decide.

Apparently, Java 1.4 will officially reach its end of service life (EOSL) at the end of October 2008. That of itself does not imply that nobody will continue to use it, but it does help third-party providers such as myself decide when to stop active support.

So, this is my decision. Some time after the start of November I will make a branch of the final Java 1.4-compatible version of all my public projects. Any future changes will no longer guarantee Java 1.4 support.

This does not imply, of course, that all my public code will suddenly be rewritten; dripping with annotations and generics and so on. The process will be incremental and progressive. The main point is that I will no longer be ensuring Java 1.4 compatibility in future releases.

As an aside – if you are still using Java 1.4 and would like to suggest a change to any of my software, please ensure that you get in touch in time for me to include it before November!