Amazon announces a cloud-based content-delivery service

The industry in which I work involves a fair amount of content delivery over HTTP. or at least it does when the rest of the system is in place to allow people to buy stuff. As such, we have a fair amount of operation and deployment issues around keeping this working. For each new customer in a new part of the world there is a decision about how to serve content and, most importantly, where to serve it from. Making the wrong choice can lead to latency, errors, increased cost, and inflexibility.

So the announcement that Amazon are setting up a service to cater for just this situation is an interesting one. The premise is that Amazon will use their increasing global network of “cloud” servers to shuffle and cache content around the world, and use that adaptability to provide downloadable content from the most appropriate server for the end user.

Every time I read one of these “cloud” announcements, I get a small feeling that I should make some time to prototype something like our current product using these technologies. The potential pay-off of outsourcing the infrastructure could be enormous.

Technology News: Web Apps: Amazon’s New Service to Rain Content From the Cloud