Google Chrome – another browser to test against?

Lots of people seem to be writing about this today. Google have released an initial beta of their new browser “Chrome”. It’s designed to be pretty much crash-proof and to run complex JavaScript applications fast and robustly. It’s also designed as a poke at Microsoft.

My initial impression is that it looks and works generally nice enough, although I really miss all my favourite Firefox plugins. It also seems somewhat flaky (or at least, out of sync with its own help docs). I tried dragging a tab to the Windows task bar to create a new browser, and all I ended up with was a weird task bar icon which animated but would not open up into a window. There is also supposed to be some feature which lets you enter the name of a search engine in the location box, press tab, and enter some search terms. For me that simply refuses to work – when I press tab it either takes me to the first input field in the current page, or to the next page tab. What’s up with that?

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  1. I had a look at their “comic book” and it seems they’ve moved half the operating system into the browser! As I think more about that, I realise how clever/sly that is – if the smarts are in the browser and it’s free, the PC/OS is commoditised, cutting off the money supply for MS (and the chip makers, to a lesser extent, because hardware type is unimportant).

    This could have good effects on the industry. It could herald a new standard as important as Windows was 20 years ago. I wonder when there will be a release for embedded systems?

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