Erlang and Ruby Roundup: Vertebra, Scaling with Fuzed, Github

Whenever I bump into erlang (which seems to be becoming increasingly frequent) I seem to follow the same mental journey. First I look at the advantages, then admire the quality of the applications, then I get mired in trying to get my head around the syntax. Eventually I back off and decide to just run whatever app has caught my fancy, but then I spend several hours stumbling around the installation and configuration process. The end result is often that I just shelve the project and move on to something else.

The only real use I currently make of erlang is a Windows installation of ejabberd which forms the reliable heart of my XMPP experimentation.

Anyway, it’s nice to see more take-up of erlang. Here are some examples from InfoQ:

InfoQ: Erlang and Ruby Roundup: Vertebra, Scaling with Fuzed, Github

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  1. Erlectricity looks like a kind of network technology for talking from erlang to ruby. I wonder if it is necessary to reinvent remote procedure call technology for each language that pops up, or whether it would be better to stick with a well known brand? Hm.. questions, questions…

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