Grr. Someone bumped my car

On the way home from work this evening I came upon a queue of traffic waiting at some temporary traffic lights by some road works. I came to a halt but the driver following me did not stop so well, and crunched into the rear of my car just after I stopped. The car is due to go to a local garage for assessment and repair tomorrow. I hope it can be repaired, I love my little Seat.

My car, looking healthy from the front
My car, looking healthy from the front

Initially it doesn't look too bad from the back
Initially it doesn’t look too bad from the back

Until you look past the plastic bumper at the bent metal behind
Until you look past the plastic bumper at the bent metal behind

Now I just have to go through the trouble of sorting out insurance claims etc.


  1. I know; it happened to me at a mini roundabout. The person who slammed into my tail end had road rage, then she tried to claim from me – because I stopped. Some people have more front than a Norbert Dentressangle lorry!

  2. The man from the garage has now collected my little car, and his on-the-spot opinion was that they will almost certainly write it off. The opinion of the insurers is that a ten-year-old car is not worth enough to repair, even though it is worth much more than its “Book value” to me.

    Even just the thought of shopping for a replacement makes me depressed.

  3. Yes, bad luck. I had a little Renault, and a man backed into it fast and smashed the door totally. I told his insurers I’d fix it myself and send them the bill, rather than scrap it. I never told my insurers anything.

    I was bluffing, but they bought the story and had the car fixed. They gave me a free runabout while it was being done, as well.

    It’s a pest when this sort of thing happens.

  4. I didn’t think of a cunning bluff approach – top marks for that!

    In this case it probably would have been tougher anyway. We both have the same insurer, so I’m guessing they want to minimise total cost rather than just shifting blame and bills about.

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