QuickTime Soundtrack Hacks

Every time I think about buying an Apple computer, something surprises me, usually something which nobody has thought to mention, and makes me wonder.

In this case it was reading an article about using Quicktime Pro to edit video from a digital camera – because the included video-editing application is effectively limited to dealing with DV or HD from a traditional tape-based video camera. If true I find this astonishing, especially given the emphasis Apple place on MP4 video in their iPod range and the wide availability of low-cost digital cameras which record video direct to a removable memory card.

I record a large proportion of my video using one of several solid-state cameras, and had largely assumed that iMovie, being an entry-level product, would support a range of entry-level devices.

I tried to check this up on the Apple web site, but all it says about format support in iMovie is the following vague statement:

Expanded format support.

iMovie supports standard and high definition video, as well as the most popular formats, including DV, HDV, MPEG-2, MPEG-4 and even AVCHD.

Can anyone who owns a copy of this software give any concrete information about what formats it really supports?

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