Exploring LISP on the JVM

Despite several brushes with it over the years, I have never really worked with Lisp enough to “get it”. It’s certainly interesting that this language from the relative dawn of software is still around and still compelling enough to prompt new implementations and new support tools. Maybe I should try again and take another look.

InfoQ: Article: Exploring LISP on the JVM


  1. One of the scientists I work with has been enthusing about Lisp for a year or two. Now he tries to write everything in it. I’m not convinced, mainly because I haven’t tried it much. If I wasn’t so bogged down on M873 at the Open University, I’d give it a go…

  2. If you’re looking for something that integrates with your Java code, there’s an excellent Scheme-in-Java implementation called Kawa. If you’re new to the Lisp world you might as well use Scheme instead. There are differences between the two, but not at the level where a beginner would care.

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