Testing web services with ActiveResource

When I first saw this it looked great: a ruby REST wrapper which supports a lot of useful test and integration possibilities. However, the deeper I looked, the more disappointed I became. I’m now saddened to believe that this is based on yet another misunderstanding of what REST is.

As far as I can tell, the ActiveResource concept, on which this approach is based, is merely an attempt to impose a constrained CRUD data-model over HTTP. There is no concept of content negotiation – all data is XML according to pre-assumed schemas. There is no support for automatic discovery and use of hrefs between resources. There is even the suggestion that it’s a good idea to casually extend the HTTP protocol with extra custom methods.

All of these are typical problems found in projects which use the name REST without the key bits which make it really work. The end result is just another fragile, application-specific RPC protocol. Sigh.

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