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I’ve been intending to install Ubuntu Hardy Heron in a virtual machine for a while now, but have been scared off a bit by reports of incompatibilities with the cleverer bits of virtual/real interaction. It’s a shame, because I am thoroughly enjoying using a bare-metal installation, and would like the flexibility and portability of using it on other machines, too.

This blog post seems to indicate that there is a success path through this, though. I’ll give it a go when I get a chance.

Evan Bottcher » Blog Archive » Linux at work again!

Update: looks like I wasn’t really paying attention. This article is describing the other way round – running Windows on Ubuntu. SIgh.


  1. I’ve run ubuntu several times on vmware on windows, including Hardy. I’ve never had a problem with the virtual hardware. I wouldn’t hesitate it works great. I don’t find it’s particularly usable with X though – it’s just a little too sluggish on the host machines I’ve used.

    I have lots of vmware images kicking around with different bits of server linux and solaris – it’s a great way to solve problems without messing up your real deployment environment.

    This is the first time I’ve run Windows on Ubuntu though – it’s neat!


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