Technology Review: Adapting Websites to Users

In my training and experience as a teacher, it was often emphasized that the presentation of subject matter should adapt to suit the learning styles of students. Now here’s a bunch of researchers from MIT looking at how to apply this to adapting the presentation of web sites.

As with any other form of personalization, it’s guaranteed to make things tougher for support staff, though 🙂

Technology Review: Adapting Websites to Users

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  1. This is scary stuff, Frank. Imagine if you’re a bloke called Tracey (you know, after Spencer Tracey) and you get all ads for (you know) nylons and pink Fiat Unos and all that kind of stuff!

    Would there be any way to convince the computer that it’s got the wrong end of the stick? Or would you have to go through life being treated as a lady?


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