Zebra Striping: Does it Really Help?

Many times when designing or implementing tabular user interfaces I have been through the loop of adding “zebra striping” to distinguish elements of a sequence. I have done this so often that my web framework Mojasef provides tools to assist in generating such stripes. Jessica Enders has done a small study and written an article …

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PragDave: Our take on presenting code

I don’t do a lot of presentations, these days, but back when I did, I used to continually curse and rant at powerpoint. I toyed with s5 for a bit, but found the workflow of creating and editing a presentation even more clumsy than powerpoint without tool support, even though the resulting presentations were much …

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Things You Can’t Say in Notepad

Try this out, it’s pretty strange. Things You Can’t Say in Notepad | Threat Level from Wired.com The reason for this is that Notepad tries to be smart and use an appropriate character set and encoding for every file you open. However, txt files, unlike XML for example, have no explicit character set indication, so …

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Two-Pizza Teams

many developers intuitively understand the benefits of working in small tightly-focussed teams. Apparently, one way of determining whether your team is an appropriate size is using Pizza as a measure. Seems an interesting idea, although I have yet to find any definition of what sort (and crucially, size) of pizza should be used. fuzzylizard » …

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A tour of git: the basics

There has been an apparent upsurge in interest in distributed version control recently. I like the idea, although I am a little concerned with the relatively poor state of IDE integration for these tools compared with the more mainstream source repository systems such as subversion and CVS. A tour of git: the basics