WOA: Web-Oriented SOA

It seems as if the term SOA (Service-Oriented Architecture) has become confused with the implementation technology (often WS-* web services). Some pundits are now trying to create a new term “WOA” (Web-Oriented Architecture) to describe a service-oriented approach using native web technologies such as HTTP, URLs and REST.

ZapThink have taken a look at these terms and their implications: WOA is Me – Another Acronym? WOA and SOA

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  1. I have learned that the more 3 letter acronyms we have, the greater the cognitive dissonance we have about about which to pursue, given limited time to focus!

    Perhaps the key here is “research work”. A lot of these things (the majority?) peter out because they are dreamed up by students in search of something to do or write about, or businesses selling vapour.

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