LibraryThing | Catalog your books online

This last weekend I spent several happy hours entering details of my book collection into Library Thing after being prompted by reading about it on JHGHendriks blog. What got me doing this right now is that I finally got to try out my new CueCat barcode scanner, which makes the whole process a lot smoother. …

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WOA: Web-Oriented SOA

It seems as if the term SOA (Service-Oriented Architecture) has become confused with the implementation technology (often WS-* web services). Some pundits are now trying to create a new term “WOA” (Web-Oriented Architecture) to describe a service-oriented approach using native web technologies such as HTTP, URLs and REST. ZapThink have taken a look at these …

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VersionOne announces V1: Team Edition

It seems to be a fairly popular hobby these days to create software tools to support agile processes. There are a bunch of free ones, and some commercial ones. Here’s one which is theoretically commercial ($995/year) but is apparently offering the software for free “for a limited time”. InfoQ: VersionOne announces V1: Team Edition


I’m not certain what to write about this … (sorry, cheap gag) Frank Trinidade makes some interesting points about the role of uncertainty and intuition in creative work such as software development, and the way that agile approaches can embrace such issues and use them. Uncertainty « The Turning Point

Servlet 3.0 Features Spark Debate

InfoQ have jotted a few notes about the release of a draft specification for version 3.0 of the servlet API. From what I see in this article, I’m not sure I agree with much of the approach. In particular the idea of using annotations in the source code to define URL-mappings seems completely contrary to …

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Why Zappos Pays New Employees to Quit—And You Should Too – Harvard Business Online’s Bill Taylor

It’s generally considered as tough to recruit the best, most committed and most passionate people. One approach is to offer good pay in an attempt to tempt potential new hires. Another, radical, approach is instead to offer to pay people to quit. If this sounds unlikely, you need to read this article: Why Zappos Pays …

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What Makes a Good Stand Up Meeting?

As an agile practitioner and consultant I have been participating in daily stand-up meetings for years now, with generally good results. Occasionally such meetings hit some speed-bumps (for example, one problem seems to be that the group of participants can become a bit too large, but splitting the group does not seem useful either). Such …

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Installing Linux on an elderly laptop

A nice article which goes throught the distro-selection process for running Linux on an “elderly” laptop. The final choice is interesting, but I’m not sure if it would still apply to my somewhat more “elderly” laptop. The one in the article has a 900MHz CPU and 384MB RAM, whereas mine is a mere 233MHz with …

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