A few Wiki links

I make a lot of use of Wikis, and like to keep track of the development and usage of this technology. No Rest for the Wiki JISC Podcast 37: Keynote speaker hails the collaborative power of wikis (MP3, 10:37)

WiFi in London

A dynamic map of free WiFi access points in London Free Wifi in London…Mapped While travelling on public transport, I quite like the idea of searching for restaurants, attractions etc. near the destination rather than near the current location, but that makes for some interesting challenges, too. More cities offer Wi-Fi on buses

The ‘greener’ options in portable music and video players

I’m sure that anyone who has travelled, particularly anyone who is unsure of power availability and who has to carry their own luggage, has been through the process of fretting about which power cords, adapters, rechargers and batteries to bundle along with today’s collection of electronic gadgets. So how about an MP3 player which runs …

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Usability and User-centred design

I find that one of the saddest things about taking an Open University course is that all the work and thought that people put into discussions in the course forums are just thrown away at the end of the course. This seems particularly poor from a learning perspective, as some of the best sources of …

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Bored with emailing links and stuff

It took a while, but I finally got fed up with sending links to interesting articles and web resources to friends and colleagues. So I have set up this traditional “linkblog” to share what I find. Sounds a great idea, but the challenge will be encouraging people who might benefit from what I find to …

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