Stringtree Maven Repository

I have experimented with Maven a few times, but never been particularly impressed.

Recently, however, one of my users has been bugging me to make the Stringtree and Mojasef classes and sources available in a Maven-style repository, for easier integration with Maven (or Maven-like) build tools and workflows. So I have done it. The current versions of key Stringtree and Mojasef files are now available from the Stringtree repository at the following URLs:

The Stringtree and Mojasef build scripts now include a “publish” target which uploads such artefacts to appropriate places in the repository, so future versions should continue to be available.

This is the first time I have done this, so I would welcome comments from any readers who actually use Maven (or buildr, or anything else which supports this repository format). In particular, I am interested in opinions on whether it is OK to simply replace artefacts with the same names and locations for minor tweaks and bug-fixes, or whether even the smallest change should result in the generation and upload of a new version with a new name and location.


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