Stringtree 2.0.9

It’s been a month or so, so it’s time for another release of Stringtree. Changes in this release include:

  • fixed some broken EasyTemplater constructors
  • added switchable prefixing of attributes in XMLReader
  • added switchable forcing all values to lists in XMLReader
  • added storing cdata from mixed elements as “text()” in XMLReader
  • added extra “read” methods to JSONReader to allow calling with a CharacterIterator
  • XMLReader now skips a DOCTYPE without complaining.
  • tests.Hierarchy renamed to tests.tree
  • small tidyup of object creation to allow reference to context items instead of full class+parameter specifications
  • support a naive view of namespaces in XML parser, include colonprefix in the name
  • some slight improvements to class creation stuff in util to better deal with multiple calls to “init”.
  • added a GUID generator for use in REST-style applications

Download available from Sourceforge as usual